Extended family communicating.Some families function well and some don’t.  It’s great when siblings and relatives communicate and share responsibilities, but families aren’t perfect.

Perhaps your relationship with your loved one is strained after years of dysfunction.  It might have taken a lot of time and effort to establish a comfortable way to manage your relationship with your parents and siblings and now you are having to jump back in as a caregiver.

It is understandable for those old, negative feelings are rising to the surface.  Coaching will help you manage them.

Maybe you’re an only child and overwhelmed by the responsibility and pressure to handle EVERYTHING. Or perhaps you do have siblings, living far away or close by, who are simply not contributing.

If you are the one who is left to make decisions and provide all of the hands on support, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed and resentful.

There aren’t many perfect families.  Life is complicated.  We will strategize and find solutions to keep you strong.

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