window-familyYou need to show up and be productive at work. You need to find time for your relationship with your spouse and children, and you need to somehow find time for yourself and your own emotional and physical needs.

Balancing life’s demands when your aging parent needs so much is daunting for even the most balanced person.

Doctor’s appointments, their chores, their bills, figuring out their insurance and constantly checking on them to make sure they’re okay.

Are you coping with advice or criticism from people who think they know what is best? Balancing what others want or need with what you feel is right and what you are actually able to do, is exhausting and discouraging.

Your life coaching sessions belong to you. They are your time to slow down, and evaluate the things that are on your mind and agenda. I am your partner. We will collaborate, and I will help you reach your goals.

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